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Being alone
Being alone
By Beverly Dale
Don’t tell me that his death has meaning.
Don’t tell me there is a higher purpose.
I don’t want to hear my child is in heaven.
I don’t want to hear God has a plan.
I want to know, why?
Why do young people have guns?
Why do teens die senselessly,
Why is killing someone so easy?
Why do babies get caught in the cross-fire
on my street
in broad daylight?
I need you to leave behind the ivory tower,
the gated community,
the illusion of safe suburbia.
I need you to leave behind your platitudes,
the easy answers,
piety, and simplicity.
I need you to know bad things happen to good people,
good people just trying to get by,
good people just doing the best that we can.
Don’t talk to me yet about forgiveness.
Don’t talk to me of peace in the sweet by and by.
Talk to me about how you are going to stop this insanity.
the people you are mobilizing,
the laws you are passing,
the children you are protecting,
the mothers you are comforting.
Talk to me of the Jesus who blessed every peacemaker,
who loved every child,
who rebuked those who took up arms.
Walk with me through this dark valley of the shadow of death.
Feel the ache of empty arms that long to embrace what is only a memory.
Walk by my side and know the empty space in my heart where my child used to be.
Grieve the many grandchildren I had planned but will never see.
And then, maybe
I will know my righteous indignation has been heard.
And then, maybe
I will know my pain has been shared.
And then, maybe
I will know that I am not alone.